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An interactive platform built to enhance the player-coach-team experience. Complete online questionnaires, get real-time player feedback, book interactive sessions and strengthen the dynamics of your team all on one secure platform. Contact us today to schedule a demo!

_athletes & coaches


  • Identify natural strengths, increase self-awareness and amplify performance
  • Connect with more clarity on an individual basis with each member of your squad.


  • Complete an online 10-15 minute questionnaire to discern role-specific strengths.
  • Coaches receive immediate results through their team’s secure account.


  • Partner with _Us to better understand the hard-wiring of individuals and groups within your squad.
  • Combine results into a visual Squad_Smash to see the bigger picture.



  • Athletes participate in an online five minute mobile-friendly confidential survey.
  • Coaches access real-time results through secure team account.


  • Survey assesses your squad’s connection, commitment, communication and coach engagement.
  • Output includes visual analytics on total score as well as breakdowns of each component of your squad’s chemistry.


  • Partner with _Us in focused sessions with your squad to share results and create team-driven action steps.
  • Continuously assess and address your chemistry throughout the season.



  • Learn more about the hard-wiring of future athletes and coaches joining your squad
  • Save time and understand the potential impact of adding a new team member


  • Complete an online 10-15 minute questionnaire to discern role-specific strengths.
  • Coaches receive immediate results through their team’s secure account


  • Build your All-Star Smash by combining results of standout performers in your program.
  • Use the results from your All-Star Smash to compare with potential future squad members.


Interpersonal, skill-specific training classes tailored to meet your squad’s needs

how it works

Book a 60-minute session for your squad either in person or online. Using the Squad_U platform both players and coaches can interact and engage with one another on relevant topics throughout the session

session topics

Tough Talks. Resilience Skills & Awareness. Strength in Our Stories. Squad Smash. and more.


Sync your sessions to your team’s account so you can refresh and sharpen skills.


Navigating Tough Times in College Athletics In the high-octane world of collegiate sports, adversity is as common as the cheers from the stands. Yet, it’s how athletes confront these challenges that defines their journey from good to great. Let’s dive into the essence of toughness and how collegiate athletes rise above the storm. The Power...
Resilience is the undercurrent that propels sports teams and athletes toward greatness. It embodies a unique quality that goes beyond merely withstanding challenges; it’s the remarkable ability to evolve, adapt, and rise, stronger than before. These qualities are profoundly exemplified in the narratives of iconic sports teams and athletes whose stories have carved an indelible...
In the dynamic world of sports, excellence is not solely about physical prowess and skill. It’s also intricately tied to the athlete’s ability to consistently perform at their best. Here, we delve into the three key pillars that define how athletes get the job done: Discipline, Accountability, and Centeredness. Discipline: The Engine of Consistency Discipline...


Meet our squad dedicated to supporting your squad!

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Fu Salam_


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Chief Technology Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Squad_U Consultant

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Research Developer


“Fu and Erin at Squad_U have been amazing. Throughout this process we as coaches have learned a lot of valuable information regarding ourselves and our players. Because of our time with Squad_U, we have a better understanding of how to get the most out of each student-athlete both on and off the field. Our players have enjoyed the team sessions and have taken advantage of individual sessions as well. I look forward to moving forward with our partnership with Squad_U, I know it will continue to set our players and our program up for success.”

~Lauren Sinacola, Women’s Soccer Head Coach, Oregon State University

“In our program, evaluation, selection, management, and alignment of both student-athletes and coaches is of the utmost importance. Fu Salam and Squad_U give us a strategy to construct more confidently, our roster and staff, with individuals that share similar values and beliefs.”

~Chuck Benson, Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Carson-Newman University

“Squad_U is an unbelievable resource. Colleagues have told me they can't afford it. My response is you can't afford not to have it. The information that becomes accessible to a coach who uses Squad_U allows you to be a more effective coach and most importantly understand how to maximize the potential in your athletes."

~Krissy Turner, Women’s Soccer Head Coach, University of Pennsylvania

"Squad_U has had a tremendous influence on the connection and chemistry amongst my team year after year. The power of relationships and culture comes to life in a whole new lens for our student-athletes. I love learning how to best drive, connect with, and learn from each member of our program on an advanced level. Fu and Erin are incredible people and continue to impact who I am as a coach and my program in a really special way."

~Laura Valentino, Head Softball Coach, University of Connecticut
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